The Secret of Synchronicity

In a world where instant gratification is the norm, waiting to fulfil your dreams can seem like a drag.

Life can also feel like it gets in the way, so we put our dreams on hold and shelve our passions for another day.

I know this because for many years I hid what I loved to ‘fit in’ with others; to make it easier to cope. But I was making myself miserable.

But recently my teenage son has taught me why patience and daily commitment to your passion are so important…

Roll back to Summer 2016

This is when it all started! We travelled to the States to visit friends. On that trip, my Redskins-mad mate took us to their official pre-season training camp. And my boy was HOOKED!!

From that day onwards he has been obsessed with American Football. His bedroom is a shrine to the Redskins (well, he couldn’t pick another team really now could he?!) and he refuses to wear anything not emblazoned with their emblem. This actually saves me a tonne of money as I know exactly what to buy him and he wears every item until it falls apart!

He had tried other sports and activities but none of them had the affect on him that football does.

His enthusiasm and passion for the sport has rubbed off on his mates and his brother and they now follow teams too and are all super excited about our upcoming Super Bowl Party – but perhaps that’s because they get to stay awake on a Sunday night and go to school with no sleep…

But it wasn’t just his dream to follow football, he wanted to play.

Roll on to 2020

My teen is FINALLY old enough to join the Youth contact team at Tamworth Phoenix with one of his mates (and his brother plays in their new Flag team).

He’s determined to learn all he can about his position on the defensive team and is constantly quoting plays, statistics and games at me. I say ‘at me’, because although I try to understand, most of it goes over my head!!

But the point is that this kid has well and truly found his passion.


And, in the process, he has reminded ME how important it is to follow my own passion too.

Why is it important to follow your passion?

Because my son’s passion and enthusiasm for American football is contagious. I cannot help but smile every time I see how committed he is to it.

And that’s what passion does. It spreads. It lights up those around you.

It doesn’t have to become your day job, and it doesn’t even have to be an obsession like football is for my son. But it DOES have to LIGHT YOU UP!

Do you know what your passions is?

Figuring out your passion can be difficult – especially if you have spent your life hiding away your talents and abilities to fit in with other people. But it is SO important to tap into your soul and remember why you are here.

Think of the activities that spark joy. Remember what people thank you for. Search your memories for times that you were in your element and felt truly authentic. That’s where your passion lies.

And if you are still struggling, this quote helped me figure out mine… 

“Can you remember who you were before the world told you who you should be.”
– Danielle LaPorte

And that’s how I know that I am doing exactly what I need to be doing.

My passion is helping people find theirs!

Nothing brings me greater joy than teaching people how to tap into their own power and remember who they are born to be. I love sharing knowledge and stories to inspire my clients to shed their limiting beliefs and create lives that they love.

I hope that this little story from my teenager has inspired you to find your passion and follow it – it’s what life is for…

Want to work with me?

Let me help you find your passion and RECODE your mindset with 1:1 coaching.

My greatest thanks to the amazingly talented Hayley Marlow for capturing these images of my boy and for allowing me to use them as part of this blog post.

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