20 Things to Stop Doing NOW

The Desire Map has been a huge part of my life for the past six years and to say it has changed my life is most definitely not an understatement. It helped me through my divorce and gave me the framework to realise just how downtrodden and lost I had allowed myself to become.

Every year I revisit the exercises in the workbook and look at how I want my life to FEEL for the coming year. I have been known to ‘Desire Map’ up to three times a year, sometimes changing my core desired feelings (CDFs) and other times leaving them in place as they still feel right.

For 2019 I started the process on Christmas Eve. A rare night on my own, candles lit and Christmas tree glowing. I only got a short way into the workbook before it became too much. This process still often shocks me with how emotional it makes me feel. So I benched it and decided to simply let my feelings flow knowing that they would come to me when the time was right – I’m all for letting it be easy!

Finding my new CDFs

My CDFs hadn’t changed for a while and although they were mostly still relevant, I wanted to change them a little to ramp up the energy and match the energy of a new year. Things in my life have changed so much since I wrote my last blog post on having high standards back in September – I’m now in an amazing relationship with someone who helps me be even more of myself and I couldn’t be happier. It took me most of January to finally land on the words that felt right but here the are:


This is how I want to feel both in my life and my business – living fearlessly and crushing my goals.


Looking for the silver lining in every situation and the sunshine that exists in the little things.


Believing in synchronicity and the magic of the Universe – I tap into this every day.


Never again feeling that anyone has control of my future other than myself.


These new CDFs inspire me every day to steer my life in the way I want it to go now. I have them stuck near my desk so that I can see them whenever I work and on my fridge so I remember how far I’ve come and start each day with gratitude. 

“Only seek to be more of yourself.”
– Danielle LaPorte

And the best bit about all of this is that you can do it too! You can work through the exercises on your own or let an amazing Desire Map facilitator (like me or hundreds of others worldwide) help you.

So, what are you waiting for?


Love Holly

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