Desire Map & Fire Starter Facilitation

A soulful ‘Business in a Box’ + Your unique talents = an amazing opportunity to create something special. 

Are you looking to start a soulful business, or want to add to an existing one?

Do you love seeing other people succeed in life & business?

Are you a natural born leader?

Are you ready to put in the necessary work to help others make their businesses fly?

If so, then becoming a Desire Map or Fire Starter Sessions facilitator – or both – could be perfect for you. It’s your very own soulful ‘Business in a Box’ with retreat, workshop, and coaching curriculum included. 

The Desire Map Facilitator Program
Fire Starter Sessions Facilitator Program
Danielle LaPorte Facilitator Bundle

I know how scary it can be to sign up for a program like this. It’s a big investment and there is a tonne of information to consume before you even get your first client.

I’ve been there and I would have loved to have someone in my corner cheering me on. So, that’s what I’m offering you. If you sign up through my Affiliate Links on this page, you will automatically receive access to my Facilitator Bonuses:

My Facilitator Bonuses


1:1 Session

When you sign up, you’ll get a two-hour 1:1 coaching & brainstorming session with me (either online or in-person) to get to grips with all these programs have to offer. We’ll create a plan for your first workshop and look at ways of making the most of your license. 

Program Outlines & Agendas

As well as the official guidebooks from Danielle LaPorte, you get access to my own workshop and course outlines and agendas. I’ve presented this work to many different groups and am happy to share my resources so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

Power Hours

Every month I’ll schedule an hour-long call with my licensees. You’re welcome to jump in whenever you like to ask questions or share your experiences with others.

Licensee Low-Down

A monthly newsletter to keep you in the loop about all things Desire Map/Fire Starter Sessions. I include hints and tips, lessons I’ve learned doing this work since 2014, and any announcements that you may have missed just to make sure you’re getting the most out of your license. 

Still Not Sure?

Contact me to book a 30-minute Discovery Call and I’ll fill you in on my own experience as a facilitator and answer your questions about the programs.

In the meantime, you can check out what each of the Facilitator Programs includes by clicking on any of the links below:

The Desire Map Facilitator Program
Fire Starter Sessions Facilitator Program
Danielle LaPorte Facilitator Bundle
Heal. Grow. Learn. Thrive. with Holly Hinton

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