If you’re anything like me, you probably have dozens of things on the go at once and spend your time juggling them all and trying to keep everything in the air. Procrastination can creep in, but trust me, it’s not always a bad thing and I’m here to explain why…

When you’re juggling so many things it is inevitable that as one part of your routine is rocketing upwards, another is on the way down or is waiting in your hand ready to be thrown up in the air again. And as with real juggling, everything keeps moving around and around until you drop something.

But that’s not always a bad thing. If you check out my Fresh Start blog post, you will see that this is exactly what happened with my website a few months ago.


I had planned to get straight onto my new site and build it within a week or two and as one of my other passions is web design I knew the tech part wasn’t going to hold me back.

But I also wanted the site to reflect who I am NOW and not who I was a few years ago – or even a few months ago. And the creative side of the website plan wasn’t flowing. I sort of knew what I wanted it to look like, but I had to figure out how I wanted it to FEEL.

No matter how hard I was pushing and how many design plans I drew, nothing felt right. Procrastination had definitely taken over on this one. It made my head hurt whenever I thought about it and I’d relegated the whole thing to the ‘too hard basket’.  

Then I drew this Truthbomb…


Ah, Danielle, you’d done it again!

Instead of hustling and pushing and tying myself in knots, I got on with other things and gave my ideas the space they needed to form.

You see, often when we force things we are not allowing the universe to help. We end up with a product or service that isn’t quite right or doesn’t feel authentic, just for the sake of getting it out there.

This time I was determined to trust myself, and the universe and just let it unravel in divine timing.


D.I.V.O.R.C.E. Yup, you read it right. The finalisation of my divorce was actually what I needed to sort out before I could design my new website. And it wasn’t until the end of April this year that my Decree Absolute finally dropped through my letterbox – over 3 years after I made the decision to leave my marriage.

I could not have imagined the utter sense of relief that washed over me when that single piece of paper arrived. Energetically there was still work to do so I saw my wonderful Energy Field Healer and had a reading with the lovely Nora Šulíková and I felt that I could finally be myself again.

And that’s when it happened. Early May and a chance message on Facebook from someone in the States wanting an accountability partner. I jumped at the chance and we hit it off straight away. My first promise was to get my new Soulful Solopreneurs program up and running and for that, I knew that I needed my website up and running.

“Vulnerability is the birthplace of innovation, creativity and change.” Brené Brown 


I tapped into my intuition and in less than four days I redesigned the entire structure of my business, created my new website and launched my program!

How pleased am I with it all – OVER THE FUCKING MOON!

But it all came about because I was willing to sit still and give my ideas some space. I let one of the balls I was juggling fall and simply rest for a while. And in the end, I have created a new brand and image that I am immensely proud of and that truly represents the authentic me as I am NOW.

So, next time something doesn’t seem to be working for you – an idea you have is struggling to get from your head to reality – take a breather and trust that sometimes procrastination can be a form of intuition…

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