I have discovered that a huge part of my adult life so far has been spent unlearning the beliefs I picked up when I was younger that simply don’t resonate with me.

And the idea that work has to be ‘hard’ to be worth something is one of those beliefs. This came from society rather than my family, although my parents fit perfectly into this belief as they were both extremely hard working – and haven’t stopped even now!


The more I thought about it the more I realised that the rhetoric I had been brought up with was also mostly associated with lack. There was a fear of being without that drove the constant striving that I was raised to believe in.

A lot of the pressure came from within – I had to work harder, do better, be more; I had to prove that I was worthy.

But more recently I have realised that ‘hard work’ is often simply a term people hang their hat on to make themselves feel better. Or worse still, to gain sympathy and attention.

So, why does work have to be hard?

And what does hard work mean anyway?


I finally realised that whether work is hard or easy is actually a choice. And no, I don’t mean that you choose to sit on a beach rather than working 9-5. I mean that you choose whether you THINK that work is hard or easy.

It’s actually your attitude to your job, your problems, your relationships and your life that make look like it is hard or easy.

If you tried to climb Mount Everest and had never done any training, then it wouldn’t just be hard it would be suicidal. But if you have trained for it, both physically and mentally, then it would still be extremely challenging, but worth the effort.

You have to choose to let life be easy.

You have to choose to change your thoughts.


So how can you let it be easy if it’s actually going to take a lot of work?

Simple. Only invest in things that you truly love. Cut out all the crap. Stop doing the things you’re doing just to impress other people. Leave the drama and focus on what’s important TO YOU. Stop worrying about what everyone else will think, because believe me they probably couldn’t give a shit anyway.

And no, I’m not joking – it really is that simple.

Can you see why I love these Truthbombs by Danielle LaPorte so very much now?


Let it be easy

Now, I really must clarify that this change in thinking doesn’t happen overnight. And it doesn’t mean you turn into a completely selfish person who never thinks of anyone else. It means that you look at what is important to you and then go and make it happen.

In my own life that means that I’ve waded through a lot of shit and it means I have put the work in and removed what doesn’t work from my life. But it doesn’t mean that I think it has been ‘hard’. Emotional? Yes. Painful? Definitely. Hard? No. Because when I allow myself to be truly aligned with who I want to be and who I already am, it’s the easiest thing in the world.

“Life is what you make of it. You can make it easy on yourself or you can make it hard.” Deep Roy 

So what do you choose? To make your life one of constant comparison to others and never have enough – the choice to make it hard; or to live in gratitude and passion – the choice to let it be easy…

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