Crystal Therapy Courses

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Become a qualified Crystal Therapist, with a one-year Certificate or two-year Diploma in Crystal Therapy:

Certificate in Crystal Therapy

Duration: 1 Year (12 tutor days over 6 weekends)

Certificate Syllabus

  • Theories of Crystal Healing
  • History of Crystals and Crystal Healing
  • Crystal Formation
  • Scientific Classification of Crystals
  • Choosing and Caring for Crystals
  • Introduction to Dowsing
  • Core Curriculum Crystals
  • Grounding and Protection
  • Chakras & the Aura
  • Basic Crystal Layouts and Therapy Techniques
  • Crystal Grids and Room Layouts
  • Sound & Nature Healing
  • Distance Healing
  • Setting up a Practice and Practice Management
  • Health and Safety

Assessment for the Certificate in Crystal Therapy includes topic homework, assignments and case studies.

Advanced Diploma in Crystal Therapy

Duration: 1 Year (12 days over 6 weekends)

Diploma Syllabus

  • Advanced Dowsing
  • Advanced Crystal Techniques
  • Crystals and the Hara Line
  • Sacred Geometry
  • Crystal Mandalas
  • Advanced Chakra Theory
  • Crystals and Other Therapies
  • Numerology (Introduction)
  • Master Crystals
  • Gem Essences
  • Colour Theory (Introduction)
  • Quantum physics (Introduction)

Assessment for the Diploma in Advanced Crystal Therapy includes a written thesis and case studies.

Prerequisites: Students must have completed the one year Certificate in Crystal Therapy to be eligible for this course.

“Holly was my crystal therapy teacher for two years. She is a fantastic teacher, very supportive and a lovely lady. I learnt so much during the two years and felt I grew more and more in confidence each time the course met. She is fantastic at helping you mix the practical with your intuition and any other skills you have. Since leaving the course I have regularly emailed or telephoned Holly for support with my work. I send this lovely lady a barrel load of love. Thank you Thank you xx” ~ Sarah Sutton, Student & Graduate 2014-2015
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The next certificate year will commence in January 2018 and is strictly limited to 6 students. If you are interested in attending, please contact me to arrange an informal interview.

The cost for each year is £720 and this can be paid in full prior to the commencement of the course or in installments (£120 deposit and £100 at the beginning of each weekend). There is no difference in cost between payment methods.


“I have completed both , the Certificate in Crystal Therapy and the Advanced Diploma in Crystal Therapy with Holly. She is a brilliant teacher and makes it so easy to learn. The two years went so quickly. I have learned so much, and working with the crystals has given more confidence and I have grown spiritually too.  I have two regular clients and regularly have work colleagues asking me for crystals or advice , even one of my most sceptical colleagues has asked for a crystal to help with her arthritis . I and my family are so proud of what I have achieved and it all thanks to Holly.  If you are interested in crystals , these courses will take you on an unbelievable journey. It’s the best thing I’ve ever done ” ~ Rose Egerton, Student & Graduate 2014-2015