Discover Your Core Desired Feelings

“When you get clear on how you want to feel, the pursuit itself will become more satisfying.”
Danielle LaPorte
Work with me on a 1:1 coaching basis

Let me help you:

  • get to the root of the limiting beliefs that are holding you back
  • stop apologizing for what you really want
  • discover your core desired feelings
  • use your core desired feelings to make daily decisions
  • stop doing the things you feel you ‘should’ do but don’t enjoy
  • set intentions and goals that feel good to achieve
  • create daily habits that nourish you
  • set boundaries to protect your energy
  • take responsibility for your own shit!

    Your coaching program includes:

    • an introductory meeting to get clear on what you want to achieve
    • a set number of sessions over the time period that suits you best
    • a workbook with homework for you to do along the way
    • email support along the way for any questions you have
    • ability to purchase Desire Map Products directly from me

    The Desire Map programme puts good feelings first and in the process dissolves the stress around goal setting. The idea behind the DM programme made sense for me from the start – it resonates with my understanding of the way life ‘works’ and so I jumped at the chance to have Holly lead me through with this series of coaching sessions. She kept me on track, gave me the motivation I needed to sit down and do the work. Most of all, Holly’s humour, insights, guidance, and encouragement led me through the process in a very relaxed and informal way. I’m still working on my intentions and those core desired feelings that I will set to guide me; my CDFs are taking shape – on post-its and journals and the fridge – and already making a difference to the way I approach decisions about life and work. Thank you, Holly!

    Claire Phillipson, Move Into Balance

    How Do We Get Started?

    I offer a Single Session brainstorm if you just need a quick confidence boost, a My Month package of four sessions for speedy results, or a Quarter Queen three-month package to really motivate you. We can work in-person or online via Skype – both work really well and I’ve coached clients both ways.

    Get in touch to check availability and discuss all the options.