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Healing takes courage, and we all have courage, even if we have to dig a little to find it. – Tori Amos

Heal with CrystalsLife can throw all sorts of curve-balls in your direction and each of these has an impact on whether you simply survive, or thrive.

There is no quick solution when it comes to healing – and I believe that healing is not only for those who are sad, but for everyone. Even events that you may not think about often or at all still have an impact, however slight, on your life. This combination of mental, physical, spiritual and emotional stressors affects us all.


So, why is active healing so important?

We all heal naturally if given enough time; our natural state is one of balance. But the problem is that in our fast-paced world, time is something we need to make the most of and giving ourselves time to heal is often overlooked. So the next crisis hits before we have truly integrated lessons from the last one and this can lead to an overload on so many levels within our bodies, minds and emotions.

Active healing, such as seeing a healing practitioner, can teach you to deal with issues as they arise and can help you clear away energetic debris from previous experiences. This allows you to overcome obstacles more quickly and look at things in a more positive way, whilst also avoiding potentially damaging experiences in the future too.


What happens in a session?

Healing sessions with me include a combination of Crystals, Reiki, Angelic Reiki and intuition from years of healing practice.

Instead of focusing on the healing modality, I focus on the end result – helping you feel better. That means that each and every session may be completely different but the healing will be just what you need on the day.

Sessions last approximately one hour and cost £40.

How do I book?

To book a session with me, simply click on the link below to send me an email with your preferred date and time. I generally work Monday – Friday 10am3pm and I’m based at the wonderful Marjorie Centre in Uttoxeter (map below).

The Marjorie Centre

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