Fire Starter Sessions Facilitator

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A soulful program for coaches, mentors, and teachers in all sectors…
Help your clients redefine their definition of success.

A program for teachers, mentors, and coaches who want to help their clients discover and ignite their own fire. It is fully customisable and can be used with your existing methodology to bring another dimension to your work. If you’re already a Desire Map Facilitator, these two programs work brilliantly together. Core Desired Feelings + Career clarity = Unstoppable.

Whether you have an established business or not, The Fire Starter Sessions is a program that gives you all the tools you need to get out there and really help other people to see the magic they already have in their own talents and abilities. This work is the permission they need to stop apologising for their unique gifts and start using them to create something amazing. Teach online or in-person, 1:1 or in group workshops – choose the style that works best for you!

Want to Find Out More?

Book a FREE Discovery Call and find out

  • my experiences as a Facilitator
  • how much the program costs and current payment plan options (as seen on
  • how I earn my investment back by running workshops and 1:1 sessions
  • an explanation of the various revenue streams (workshop fees, Affiliate Partner commissions and retail sales)
  • stories about the impact this work has had on my attendees and on me, personally
  • how this work fits with The Desire Map and details on Desire Map Licensing if you want it
  • my very own Licensee bonus and how I’ll support you on your journey
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My Facilitator Bonus

Licensees who sign up through my affiliate link are also eligible for my special Fire Starter Sessions Facilitator Mentoring.

Want to pick my brains – I’m on the end of the line whenever you want me to help you out.
Having a meltdown – email me.
Having a last minute confidence crisis – call me.

Whatever it is, I will be here for you to help you make the most of your license and get this work out there.

You’ll also receive a monthly email newsletter with all of my latest tips and ideas. And don’t worry, you won’t be signed up for any other mailings…

Not in the UK? That doesn’t matter either! Existing licensees who signed up through me aren’t local so we connect via email, Skype and social media. It’s whether we resonate with each other that matters, so giving me a call to check me out is the best first step…

And finally, I’m in this for the long haul and truly believe that this work changes lives so lean on me whenever you need to! This bonus has no time limit – once you’re in you’ll stay on my list for as long as we both continue this work.

Just remember to sign up through my affiliate link to get this bonus.

Extra Bonus

Sign up for both The Desire Map & Fire Starter Sessions facilitator programs at the same time and receive a Truthbomb deck* sent to you – anywhere in the world!

* Choose either Volume 1 or Volume 2

Want to Find Out More?

Book your FREE discovery call to find out everything you need to know BEFORE you commit to purchasing this amazing program…

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Danielle LaPorte Inc. has no affiliation with my website or any of the products, services or bonus listed here.
Danielle LaPorte has not reviewed or approved any of the materials I offer.
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