Become a Desire Map Licensee

Being a Licensee allows you to run amazing Desire Map workshops and access some of the best support for your 'Business in a Box' - it is perfect for coaches, therapists, yogis and fits with just about any business model.


If you love using your voice and sharing what you know, then Desire Map Licensing is for you.  You have control over how you deliver the content you are given and how you combine it with your current work.  If you're an online maven and that's your bag, then you can do it all virtually and if you thrive on face to face work then you can do that too.  All of your earnings are your own.

There is also a huge amount of support from Team D and other Licensees in the programme.  As Danielle says "This is a pre-packaged business, with soul. No gross pyramid schemes. Only heart-centered entrepreneurship."

This program taps into your own unique talents, skills and style and fits with coaches, yogis, mentors, wellpreneurs and small business champions...

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  • how I earned my investment back by running workshops and 1:1 sessions
  • an explanation of the various revenue streams (workshop fees, Affiliate Partner commissions and retail sales)
  • stories about the impact this work has had on my attendees and on me, personally
  • my experience with the Licensing Portal, Forum and the bonuses I received
  • my very own Licensee bonuses and how I'll support you on your journey

My Licensee Bonuses

Licensees who sign up through my affiliate link are also eligible for my three very special bonuses - because why start from scratch when you can tap into my experience?!


Bonus #1 – Desire Map Licensee Mentoring

Want to pick my brains?? Fill your boots and have me on the end of the line whenever you want me to help you out. Having a meltdown - email me. Having a last minute confidence crisis - call me. Whatever it is, I will be here for you to spill your guts to and make you realise that YOU CAN DO THIS!!! This includes tips on making the most out of social media and how to get your message out there and a monthly email to check in with you and see how you're doing.

Not in the UK? That doesn't matter either! Existing licensees who signed up through me aren't local so we connect via email, Skype and social media. It's whether we resonate with each other that matters, so giving me a call to check me out is the best first step...

And finally, I'm in this for the long haul and truly believe that this work changes lives so lean on me whenever you need to! This bonus has no time limit - once you're in you'll stay on my list for as long as we both continue this work.


Bonus #2 – Access to my Workshop Outlines

Every Desire Map workshop is different. You may be asked to speak to a group for 30 minutes or run a 3-hour workshop or a 3-day intensive. Having some different workshop outlines that have been tried and tested as well as all of the materials that go with those workshops is my second Licensee bonus for you.  I've run workshops for school teachers, spoken at conferences and meetings, helped women who are building their self-confidence back up from scratch and run business-focused workshops for the self-employed. I'll share all of my materials with licensees who sign up through me.


Bonus #3 – 1:1 Website Review & Building Discount

Whether you already have a website or are looking to create one, I will advise you on the best way to get your Desire Map message out there. AND If you decide to choose my Web Goddess service for your website I also offer a 25% discount on my design fees for Licensees who sign up through my affiliate link.


Extra Bonus

Sign up for both The Desire Map & Fire Starter Sessions facilitator programs at the same time and receive a Truthbomb deck* sent to you - anywhere in the world!

* Choose either Volume 1 or Volume 2

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