2020 Desire Map Planners Collection

Raise your standards and the universe will meet you there. – Danielle LaPorte

Orders are now CLOSED!

This is honestly one of my favourite times of year!
The 2020 Desire Map Planners by Danielle LaPorte are OUT NOW!

When you put your soul on the agenda and put your dreams and goals into action you can create amazing wins in your life and business. And that’s what these planners help you do.

Daily or Weekly editions with a choice of inspiring covers that look divine on your desk, the Desire Map Planners will no doubt become as important to you as they are to me.

Orders have now closed through me, but you can still head directly to Danielle’s website to order yours or get in touch with me to check which Planners I still have available.

Planner orders have now CLOSED, but if you’d like to be informed of Planners I have leftover, please get in touch!

Official Facilitator of The Desire Map and Fire Starter Sessions

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