Never apologize for being yourself...

Because who YOU are matters.

I’m a multi-passionate solopreneur who loves helping women create businesses & lives that they love.

But I wasn’t always this way. I buried my truth for too many years when I moved to the UK because I was told I was “too Australian” – seriously!  I assimilated to dull the pain of being ridiculed and lost myself in the process.  Then I discovered The Desire Map and it changed EVERYTHING! I have now become who I truly want to be and am in love with my life again for the first time since my early twenties.

My core desired feelings are DEEP, BLISS, INFINITE & MAGIC – and I add others as and when I need them. They are not just words but feelings that I add into everything that I do and use as a compass to show me when I’m pointing the right direction for my soul.

I’ve also come to appreciate my dualistic nature – crystal therapist and geologist, tech geek and book lover, connecting with my tribe and being on my own – it’s what makes me unique and I love the variety that it brings to my life.

Within my own business and with my clients I follow my HEART…

I absolutely love my work and adore inspiring other women to find their unique voice and share their amazing gifts with the world.

I can’t wait to work with you…Holly

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