When we truly accept who we are and admit our likes and dislikes we can actually form more meaningful relationships.

But all too often we externalize our needs and think that being accepted by others is what is truly important. But it is accepting ourselves – warts and all – that is the truly liberating discovery in life.

There is fear involved in choosing to accept yourself. You will lose friends and maybe even relatives who no longer understand or value the same things as you do. People who would otherwise dull your shine or make you feel inferior for your beliefs and principles will disappear.

But they will be replaced by those who resonate with what you stand for. You will start to attract people who help you to feel good about yourself. You will create a much healthier community.

Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe

It really is true – your vibe does attract your tribe.

This doesn’t mean that you are all going to be exactly the same, just that those who you resonate with will not judge you for your beliefs if they differ from their own.

We all have a duty to ourselves to discover who we truly are and accept ourselves for being that way – or change the bits we don’t like without regret or judgment.

Do you accept who you really are?

If you can truly start to look at your life and accept what is, then you can begin to build something that truly enhances that life.

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