When you wake up each morning, what are the first thoughts that go through your head?

Are they “oh no, I have so much to do”; “I wish it was the weekend already”; “I hate my job”?

Or, are they “I’m going to get so much done today”; “I can’t wait for the weekend”; “I love my job!”?

Although some of these statements are similar, the second set throws a positive spin on them. You might not think this simple change is important, but it is THE most important part of making your thoughts work for you and not against you. It really does matter what thoughts you have – even about your day ahead. What you say in your own head has a way of forming your reality and therefore becoming your life. It’s like a self-fulfilling prophecy and the good news is that YOU have the power to change the outcome – starting TODAY…


This isn’t just some new-age ‘woo woo’ nonsense I’m talking about. Scientific studies have confirmed that the words we speak can literally alter our brain. The things we think and say don’t just have an affect on our emotional and mental state, but on our physical state as well.

Mad Mary v Happy Helen

Let’s consider two people – I’ll call them Mad Mary and Happy Helen. They both love travelling and want to go on an overseas adventure (and both have the same amount to spend), but the way they approach this goal is completely different.

Mad Mary worries that she won’t be able to afford it. She gets defensive when anyone asks her about her trip and broods about the fact that even if she can afford the flight she won’t have any spending money. She thinks it’s unfair that other people can go when she deserves to travel too. She wants to stay in the best hotel but moans that she can only afford a cheaper one. She believes that this is proof that nothing good every happens in her life. She blames everyone and everything for her situation.

On the other hand, Happy Helen is excited about her trip. She’s found a decent flight that will take a bit longer than she expected but costs her less so she’s already saving cash that she can spend there. She’s happy to budget for a mid-price hotel and knows that she won’t be there most of the time anyway so who cares if it’s not 5 star. She doesn’t have any expectation of what will happen when she’s there but believes that she will enjoy herself and her spending money will last if she’s sensible about it. She takes responsibility for her own actions and feelings and can’t wait to jump on that aeroplane!

Now, which of these people would you rather be??

The only difference between the two of them is their THOUGHTS about the trip, not about the trip itself. It is the reason that two people can have exactly the same experience and whilst one thinks it was amazing the other can do nothing but complain about it. And let’s face it, we all know someone who complains about everything and then wonders why they are not manifesting the good stuff!

Change Your Thoughts NOW

If you don’t want to end up like Mad Mary, you can start to change your thoughts and words NOW; there’s no need to wait or put it off.

From my experience, the simplest way to start to change your mindset is to keep a Daily Gratitude Journal. At the start and/or end of every day, simply write down 3 things that you are grateful for that day. They can be people, experiences, feelings, or whatever else you like. You can write more, but make sure that 3 is your minimum. By turning your attention to the amazing abundance that is already in your life your energy is focused on the positive and this in turn attracts more of the same. It means that I now wake up and greet each day with hope, positivity and excitement rather than fear, negativity and disinterest.

And if you think it can’t be that simple, that’s all the more reason to just try it. Go on, it’s not going to cost you anything so what have you got to lose??

But I’m Still Not Getting What I Want!

So, you’ve given positivity and gratitude a go and you still don’t have what you want and you think it’s not working… Don’t give up just yet.

In Esther & Jerry Hicks book The Amazing Power of Deliberate Intent, they say:

“The reason (the only reason) that people ever find themselves in a position where they have been asking for something that they are not receiving is because they are holding themselves vibrationally apart from their own desire – the vibrational frequencies of what they want and what is dominantly active within them, must balance.”

This really is at the heart of the matter. Within the statement you make to yourself “it’s not working” is the key to the problem. You don’t think it’s working! Just because something doesn’t happen overnight doesn’t mean it’s not working. Changing your thought patterns is a life-long project and we often have a subconscious aversion to change, no matter how good we know the change will be for us in the long run. It takes time and determination to change but the key is continuing to take those little steps every day. They will soon mount up to big changes and living a more positive life.

I believe you can do it – now you just have to believe you can do it too…

H x



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