On my recent summer holiday to the USA, I found myself supporting my amazing friend during a very difficult time in her life. As it turned out, my trip could not have been timed better and my own experience in a similar situation 18 months before allowed me to impart some wise words and show her that she will get through this and be better for it in the long run.

My trip was of great benefit to me too as it reminded me that no matter where you think you are on your own path, you can always be an inspiration to others. There is no reason to doubt yourself or to wait for that far off time when you think you’re going to have life all worked out.

So, here are 3 things that I want to share with you to prove that YOU are already an inspiration to someone else…


We all have areas of our lives that we excel in and those that we struggle with – that’s life. If you are continually willing to learn and grow then others can always benefit from your experiences (both good and bad). By telling your story you inspire others who aren’t quite where you are yet, it’s that simple.

Trust me when I say that no-one really has life 100% sussed! Quite often when we think someone ‘has it made’ or has figured everything out it is because we are comparing their outward appearance to our inward experience. However, it is so often the people who have experience dealing with what we are going through who inspire us the most – not those who are so distant from our own path that we don’t recognise ourselves in them. Just think about those people in your life who inspire you, and I bet your list will include just as many friends and people you know personally as celebrities and public figures you follow online but don’t really know.



Danielle LaPorte's TruthbombsAuthenticity is key. You automatically inspire other people as soon as you show up as your true self. So many of us are having to relearn who we are after years of conditioning – whether that came from school, family, society or even our own desire to ‘fit in’. If you can show that being yourself gives you the freedom to live your life the way you want to then you will inspire others to do the same. You may also scare a few people or ruffle some feathers, but that’s only because you’re being honest and some people just can’t handle it.


This one feels a little selfish to be honest because I know that I gained just as much from helping my friend out as she did from me. I feel really privileged to be a part of her life when it really matters and knowing just how much difference it made being there for her made me feel wonderful. It is also a perfect reminder of just how far I have come in the past year and a half and allows me to be grateful for everyone who inspired and helped me get where I am now. And to those who look to me for inspiration, I feel privileged to be a part of their journey too.


No matter where you are on your journey, please know that you can inspire others along the way. Share your story and never be afraid of showing the world who you really are.

There is no greater gift than knowing that you have helped someone else become a better version of themselves…

H x