CDFs – what are they?? If you’ve been hanging around my blog for any time you will know that they are Core Desired Feelings and the basic tenet behind The Desire Map book and program. You may also have seen my recent post sharing my own personal Desire Map journey.

Well, this is an update to that journey as I have now gone through the process once again of laying my soul bare and asking myself what I really want – right down deep in my core – how do I want to feel…

My old words were great and they got me where I am today, but they had run their course and were too small for the gigantic leaps I now want to take in my life. My CDFs were:


Time to start from scratch, just like I feel like I am doing with everything – again!

So I sat down with my beloved Desire Map book and spent a few hours answering the questions that I now know so well. To me they feel like coming home, like a way to honour my inner knowing and a space to be completely honest.  It was amazing and I came away with four completely different words that I’d never even dreamt of having on my old lists…


My Core Desired Feelings #CDFs #DesireMap #DanielleLaPorte

I love the fact that these can be used in pairs (Deep Bliss / Infinite Magic or Deep Magic / Infinite Bliss) or on their own as four separate words. They really speak to me about just how I want to feel over the coming months and years, and here’s why….

Deep – I don’t want to live on the surface and hate it when I am lied to, so this word means everything to me. My favourite Poem ‘The Invitation’ was also a big part of why this word made it into my list. I’m sick of hearing what you ‘do’, I want to know who you ‘are’!

Bliss – self explanatory for me, but I want to feel as blissful as I did when I was a child growing up in Melbourne, Australia. I loved my life and want that bliss to be a part of my every day experience.

Infinite – OK, I am such a sci-fi nut and science geek that this one just had to be included. I want to feel limitless, unfettered and free but more than that… so infinite it is…

Magic – I completely believe in the stuff we can’t see and cannot explain (synchronicity, luck, positivity and even fairies) but that make our lives just that bit more amazing. Oh, and I love Harry Potter too, so why not!

So, there you have it. My new CDFs – and I’m pretty sure they’ll last me for a while…

H x



If you want help discovering your own CDFs and getting your own life back on track, pop over to my Desire Map page and take a look or contact me to book a free discovery call to see if this work resonates with you…


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