Back in May I set myself the task of blogging every week – at least once, but ideally more. And until last week everything was ticking along well. Ideas for posts just seemed to pop out of nowhere and I knew what I wanted to share. The themes seemed to fit with what so many of you are going through and my lovely readers emailed to say they are enjoying my posts and all in my world was great. I was on a writing high and wondered why I hadn’t been doing this for a lot longer.

Then last week I got nothing. Nada. Not one single idea or word at all. Lying in bed the night before my blog post was due out I heard the words “Leave it, it’s OK” as clear as day.

And that’s just it. It is OK!

On the surface, and to anyone who doesn’t know my personal story everything in my world seems fine, but at the moment it couldn’t be much further from the truth – and the past couple of weeks have been more testing than most. I’m good and I’m dealing with it all, but at times like these I have finally learned to sink back and just give myself some time to process it all. In the past I may have forced myself to write something and felt an obligation to put words on the screen because I SHOULD do it. But that’s the old me.

The new me knows that forcing something to happen rarely ends in a great piece of work.
The new me knows that doing something because you think you ‘should’ just fosters resentment.
The new me knows that those who missed last week’s post will be waiting for this one all the more eagerly (well, at least I hope so).
The new me knows that by giving myself permission to skip a week and let things settle naturally allows more space for inspiration and creativity to find me.

LetitbeeasyThe Truthbomb on my desk this week reminds me that all too often it is ourselves that make things difficult or struggle when we really don’t have to. We have the choice whether or not to let it be easy and sometimes forget to put ourselves first for a change and let life ebb and flow at it’s own pace.

So, this week I am blogging again and slowly starting to get back on top of things in my own world. I am choosing to let it be easy – are you?

H x

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